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Honda BF225 Extra Long Leg Outboard

Original price was: €23,200.00.Current price is: €17,900.00.

Honda BF225 Long Leg Outboard

Original price was: €23,100.00.Current price is: €18,300.00.
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Honda BF225 Extra Long Leg Twin Engine Package

Original price was: €46,400.00.Current price is: €35,800.00.

Twin Engine Package consisting of 2x BF225 Ultra Long shaft engines (1 counter rotation). Supplied with dual top-mount controls and adjustable enginetie bar.
The BF 225 engine was developed under the concept ‘human and environment friendly, economical 4-stroke engines of high quality.

Calling upon Honda’s 4-stroke engine technology, they were designed to comply with the EPA 2006 and CARB 2008 exhaust emission standards, while offering the best in performance, economy, comfort, reliability, easy rigging and easy maintenance.

Total Performance
With the new BF175, BF200 and BF225 engines, Honda unleashes three mighty forces, all with V6 proven technology, 24 valves and Programmed Fuel Injection. So discover a new level of enjoyment for all your nautical activities!

Maximum power
Each engine is packed with power, and the BF225 is equipped with Hondas VTEC system, which is the same valve timing system Honda uses for its award-winning Formula 1 race cars. This provides smooth operation at all revs, and then kicks in at high revs to give you incredible power and torque.

Minimum consumption
The BF175, BF200 and BF225 consume up to 50% less fuel than conventional 2-stroke engines thanks to Hondas exclusive Programmed Fuel Injection system, which optimises the air-fuel ratio so you get the maximum performance out of every drop.

Ultimate comfort
These engines are twice as quiet as 2-stroke engines. And because the Variable Air Intake system controls the volume and velocity of air in the combustion chamber, your cruising is as smooth as it is enjoyable.

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VTEC valve timing for smooth power
Variable Air Intake, offering more torque at low revs
Oxygen sensor, providing optimised fuel consumption
RCD compliant
Flywheel under powerhead for less vibration
Freshwater flushing port to protect against corrosion
Multipoint programmed fuel injection
60 Amp charging capacity provides high power for all onboard needs
Fuel/water separator inbuilt
Oil/heat/over-rev electronically monitored for more reliability
V6 at 60? design, allowing twin rigging within minimum transom space
Counter rotation available to eliminate twin-engine torque effect

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