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BF250 Ultra Long Leg

Original price was: €25,600.00.Current price is: €20,500.00.

BF250 Ultra Long Leg – Twin Engine Package

Original price was: €52,100.00.Current price is: €37,900.00.
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BF250 Ultra Long Leg – Counter Rotating

Original price was: €25,400.00.Current price is: €20,500.00.

The BF250 is without doubt the flagship model for more reasons than just horsepower.
This incredible outboard provides a host of exclusive technologies that make it the best for both recreational and commercial use. NMEA 2000® compliant and featuring a host of racing innovations, the BF250 is a sleek and versatile motor that gives you exactly what you need, when you need it. Long-term reliability is important too, especially if you depend on the water to make a living. Remember, if your engine isn’t working – then neither are you.

A PGM-Fi fuel injected, 24 valve, SOHC, 3.5 litre, V6 engine – you better hold on to your hat.
If it sounds to you like an engine that should be in a fast car, then you would be half right. Most of our engineering ideas and creations are born out of the vast knowledge and commitment to developing power – and race winning performance – for over 60 years. VTEC™, for example, was first used commercially in the awesome Honda NSX sports car. With innovative additions especially for marine like BLAST™ and ECOmo, this engine with its unique dual air-intake system is the very best in class for economy – and low emissions too.

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The BF250 is rock-solid engineering that’s easy on the eye, completed in Honda’s unique aqua marine silver finish.

It’s incredibly light for a big 250 horsepower 4-stroke outboard – and it looks it too. The engine’s body has sleek aerodynamic styling that combines nicely with sculpted air-intake gills and a superior, hydrodynamic designed gear case. This gives you much better underwater performance at high speed.

A big impression

All wrapped up in our diamond-hard, bright silver finish – the BF250 makes quite a first impression. In fact, it’ll blow you away. It looks great – even just hanging off the back of your boat, parked up on a trailer. It’s a beautiful addition to any boat. And then of course once you get it into the water and fire it up, you’ll see real poetry in motion

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