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Popular Honda Outboard Engine Options for Honwave T Series Inflatables:

Here’s a breakdown of popular Honda outboard engine options for your Honwave T Series inflatables, along with recommended shaft lengths:

Boat ModelRecommended Engine PowerPopular Honda Engine OptionsShaft Length
Honwave T25-AE36 – 8 HPBF6Short
Honwave T35-AE38 – 10 HPBF8, BF10Short
Honwave T40-AE310 – 20 HPBF10, BF15, BF20Short

Shaft Length Recommendation:

These models all have a transom height of approximately 15 inches (38 cm), requiring short shaft outboard engines. Using a long shaft engine would cause the propeller to sit too deep, leading to performance issues and potential damage.

Popular Honda Engine Options:

  • BF6: Ideal for the T25, offering reliable performance and fuel efficiency.
  • BF8 & BF10: Suitable for the T35, provide good power for cruising and exploring.
  • BF10, BF15 & BF20: Perfect for the T40, cater to various needs from leisurely boating to water sports.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Your needs and preferred activities: Choose an engine with enough power for your typical use, whether it’s leisurely cruising, fishing, or towing water toys.
  • Weight capacity: Ensure the chosen engine weight doesn’t exceed your boat’s maximum capacity.
  • Personal preference: Consider features like electric start, tiller or remote control, and fuel efficiency.

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